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Moon The Loon Stuff Available ...

i would rather sell all 33 tapes of the recording sessions as a unit. Everything else on the page can be purchased individually. These are the only things avaiable right now. There will be more later...
I am accepting
offers at this time.


This is Keith Moon's 'personal collection' of studio mix-down tapes (his masters) of his only solo album.... The tapes are in mint condition and the sound is perfect and the boxes are in good shape.

"Two Sides of the Moon" consisting of

3 - 10 inch reels (15ips):    click to enlarge

Crazy Like a Fox
Solid Gold

Don't Worry baby

One Night Stand
The Kids are all right
Move Over Ms. L
Teenage Idol
Backdoor Sally
In My Life

10 - 7 inch reels:   click to enlarge
the same songs as the 10 inch plus

I Don't Suppose
Merry Xmas
Don't worry Baby (Final Mix)

1- 10 inch reel (7˝ips):

The Keith Moon Show (aired 1-26-75)

all of these tapes are in mint condition...

I have other items available...some session tapes. Some press shots from Two Sides Of The Moon, a set of small Yamaha speakers, A 45rpm promo of 'In My Life/Crazy Like a Fox'...plus several other 45's from his collection. There is a 11 x 14 concert photo taken from above and behind the stage that's showing Keith playing. It's a cool shot.

write me ... all serious offers will be considered

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