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Aberrant News
04.17.06 ... updated

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. what do i look like? [for some reason i am asked this question a lot... in fact it's by far the most asked question] ...

that's me in the upper left hand corner of the page... in makeup. my hair is longer now and i have a lot of blond streaks [chunks]. i look like a mixed blood because i am.

. who are you and what do you do?

i'm a visual artist. here is one of my pieces...

'let's see how this feels'
[side and front - installation view]
copper, lead, hardware, pigments, sod, ceramics
6ft X 5ft X 5ft

lead, powder pigments, oil pastels, nails
6ft X 5ft X 1in
this image is on the inside back of the lead box pictured above and that's also what's being reflected in the copper.

. why did you start aberrant news?

Aberrant News is where i share interesting and unusual things that i find on the net. this keeps me from overwhelming my friends with email and satisfies my burning need to share.

so anyway ... i hope you enjoy my site. i have a lot of fun with it...

if you have a particular question for me let me know here.


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